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Hand Tumours Surgery

Hand Tumours Surgery

Any abnormal lump or bump in the hand or wrist is referred to as a tumour. However, the term tumour does not necessarily mean cancer, and the vast majority of hand and wrist tumours are benign (not cancerous). Hand tumours can occur on the skin (e.g. a mole), soft tissue, or even bone. The most common tumour seen in the hand is a ganglion cyst- a fluid-filled cyst that usually occurs in the wrist, but sometimes at the base of the fingers or around the finger joints. Other common types of hand and wrist tumours include giant cell tumours of the tendon sheath and epidermal inclusion cysts. Foreign bodies, such as splinters, can also trigger reactions that may lead to the development of a hand tumour. Again, the majority of these tumours are harmless but in some cases they may be painful and/or interfere with the normal function of the hand and wrist.

At the Igorgeous, you will be looked after by us, a qualified and highly experienced reconstructive surgeons specialising in hand conditions.

Igorgeous offers the latest techniques, superior treatment and the very highest standards of care in relation to hand tumours, whether benign or malignant.